How to choose the best internet for residential usage?

Having an internet network at home by installing WiFi may no longer be a luxury. All forms of activities that are now carried out are greatly facilitated with the help of devices connected to the internet network. Of course, choosing a home internet provider should not be careless, because you will use it every day.

The existence of the internet at home also feels increasingly urgent because many activities can no longer be done outside the home. The restrictions needed to adapt to the circumstances forced many things to adapt. At least by having a reliable home internet provider partner, you already have good provisions to adapt to the situation.

But what should you pay attention to when choosing the best home internet provider? To help your judgment, here are some points that you can pay attention to.

The Internet Package Capacity You Need

Internet packages are now increasingly offering various specifications based on the focus of their use. There are those that only facilitate you for light activities, such as sending emails, social media, or just light entertainment, there are also those that can provide better specifications.

Sometimes for the purposes of finding the files you need when editing, the internet used must also be really fast and smooth. Not to mention, if you need to stream shows with the best quality, internet from a basic home internet provider sometimes can’t meet your needs.

So the first consideration is, what do you need when accessing the internet? The heavier the need, the package you choose must also be of better quality.

Experience from Home Internet Provider

So many choices of home internet providers you can now get. Starting from those that offer packages at very affordable prices, to those that offer very good internet speed and stability. Of course, all products and packages have their own market. But is the experience of the provider really tested?

In fact, it has nothing to do directly with the quality of service provided. But at least by choosing a provider with proven experience, especially those who already have loyal customers throughout Indonesia, you won’t buy a ‘cat in a sack’. The quality that has made so many people trust the internet, certainly won’t disappoint, right?

Coverage of the Service Provider Area You Choose

This one point should not be missed when you want to choose an internet provider for use at home. Most of the promos offered only mention the price and specifications of the internet packages being sold, but do not clearly state the coverage area provided.

Actually you can easily access the official website of the internet service provider. Or if not, you can directly contact the customer service listed on the site. Ask in detail the location of the house you live in, is it included in the service area provided? If so, it means the green light for you to install the service.

Price Competition is Strict, Choose the Most Worth it

If we talk about the price, it will have a direct effect on the specifications offered in the packages sold. The higher the specifications, ideally the higher the price to be paid. But is it worth it?

That’s the question you have to find the answer to. Compare with products from other providers, and see the difference in specifications and prices. If you do provide a comparison of specifications and prices that are commensurate, it seems there is no need to worry about packages offered by other providers.

Is Cable or IPTV Service Available?

Lastly, maybe it will be a very good additional consideration, considering the time you will spend at home will be more and more, is the cable TV or IPTV package that is included in the package or bundle offered. Of course, you should choose a home internet provider that already has this bundle, because you no longer need to subscribe to additional packages from other providers.

With built-in cable TV or IPTV services, you can easily get broadcasts and content from various international television channels at the best picture quality. Of course, in packages that already provide IPTV services, you also get a guarantee that the internet you are using is fast enough. Why? Because IPTV streaming requires fast and stable internet. Without these two things, the streaming you do will experience a lot of buffering, and of course reduce viewing comfort.

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