WhatsApp Notification Appears Again in the Application, Approve or Blocked

WhatsApp started rolling out an in-app banner notification about the privacy policy change which was delayed some time ago. This banner appears on the main page or in the “chat” menu, right at the very top. The banner reads “we updated the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. Tap to review”. Users can tap the “x” icon if they want to close the notification.

However, if you choose to review, users will be directed to a more complete explanation of the policy change than the privacy policy notification pop-up that users got last January. There are two explanatory slides. The first slide, WhatsApp confirmed several things that had become a concern for users. “We cannot read and listen to your private conversations, because they are end-to-end encryption. That will not change,” WhatsApp wrote.You may also want to read Home Improvement Info

WhatsApp also writes that this change will make it easier for conversations taking place on business accounts to ask a few questions and get quick answers. WhatsApp again emphasized that the conversation with this business account is optional. In the second slide, an explanation contains how WhatsApp shares data with Facebook and how they process data. On the top side, it says that WhatsApp “does not change its privacy policy for private conversations”.

WhatsApp again said that the collection of conversation data that was affected by the policy change was only conversations on business accounts. It is said that data collection will only be used for the benefit of business actors, marketing and advertising on the Facebook platform.